Annual Report was released by Shri Mangesh Bhende and Shri Murulidharan at the Indian institute of world culture, Bengaluru.

Shri Mangesh Bhende appreciated the various activities of Abhyudaya at all India level and thanked all the Donors & Volunteers. He narrated a few examples highlighting the Seva thought in any Indian irrespective of their financial/Educational/Social background. He quoted Sister Niveditha’s example of opening school for underprivileged girls in India. He inspired the volunteers to overcome any challenges while involving in social service activities.

Shri Murulidharan expressed his happiness and appreciation to all Abhyudaya volunteers involved in the setup of the Oxygen Generation Plants. He noted that the enthusiasm, timeliness, professionalism & integrity exhibited by the volunteers were of the highest order. He concluded by expressing his team’s (AViatorS, Digite) desire to engage with Abhyudaya in the long run in both educational and healthcare sectors to reach the deprived sections of society.

Prof. Vidyashankar gave an overview of the Annual Report by highlighting some of the Subhashitas and their relevance to the social activities of Abhyudaya.

Shri Harish Babu presided over the function and Dr. Shyla gave vote of thanks to the dignitaries, donors, volunteers and well wishers. She also thanked the Management and Staff of  Indian institute of world culture for their cooperation.

Release of Annual Report 2021-22 held on 28-01-2023

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