Abhyudaya - Jnanagiri, Reaching The Socially Deprived, a Non-Profit Organization (NGO) for supporting the education and health of children belonging to socially and financially weaker families
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Abhyudaya, came into being in 2004 as a project under Keshava Kripa Samvardhana Samiti (KKSS) as a Non-Profit Organization (NGO). Starting out as a free tuition center with 12 students, currently Abhyudaya reaches out to more than 3,600 students, spread across remote villages and slum clusters of Bengaluru through life skills, value based education and healthcare related activities. Socially deprived children, their families and the neighbourhood become the focus group of Abhyudaya activities as education has to be imparted holistically. We believe, it is our solemn duty to educate children for the benefit of the society and country at large.

Keshava Kripa Samvardhana Samiti (KKSS) is registered with Indian Government NITI Aayog in NGO-Darpan platform under registration # KA/2018/0188905


 Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Building a strong community by empowering the socially deprived sections of the society through education.

Our Mission

Complementing mainstream education system and inculcating humanistic values to under privileged children through collaborative volunteerism.




Societal Impact

  • School / College drop-outs have gone onto pursue professional courses
  • Families of former convicts / addicts have moved to mainstream and even become donors to Abhyudaya
  • Communities have noticed improvement in Socio-economic status and Reduction of crime in surrounding areas
  • Many of former Abhyudaya students are giving their time for volunteering activities
  • Several neighborhoods in slum areas have become clean due to the efforts of Abhyudaya students’ awareness drive(s)
  • Abhyudaya pass outs are engaged as Bank officers, State administrative cadre officers, Medical students, Engineering students, Master degree students and Kalika Kendra Teachers


Journey So Far …

Reaching hundreds of socially deprived children

Particulars Beneficiaries
Kalika Kendra 25,000 students
Vidyanidhi 5,000 beneficiaries
Jnanagiri 1,600 students
Chetana 125 beneficiaries
Rudhira 12,550 Units, 60 Camps
Parivartana 510 families
Namma Shaale 43 Schools

Upcoming Events

  • Abhyudaya participating in TCS World 10K, Bengaluru

    Abhyudaya participating in TCS World 10K, Bengaluru

    Abhyudaya is participating in TCS World 10K, Bengaluru TCS World 10K, Bengaluru is rescheduled to Nov. 23 due to Pandemic. Earlier it’s rescheduled from May 17 2020 (due to pandemic) to Dec. 20th – 27th, 2020 (https://tcsworld10k.procam.in/) Request you toRead More »

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