Aarohana competitions were held at the cluster level over the last 2 years due to the pandemic. This year, Aarohana was planned as a Mega event covering students from all Abhyudaya FLCs, Government schools and other partner organizations. This needed lot of planning and preparations started in early October. Once the competitions were decided, the registration process was kicked off and search for volunteers and jury members was on. Core team decided on the prizes and procurement activities started for the trophies, return gifts and all other necessary materials.

Series of meetings were held to give an overview of Aarohana and provide guidelines about the judging process to the jury members. Further the jury members were allocated to the respective competitions. Once the gifts and prizes arrived, several volunteers started packing, labeling the gifts, etc.

Parallelly, the team started searching for a suitable venue to host the event. After looking at several places, it was decided to hold the event at  Prashanti Kutiram, S-VYASA campus. Core team members visited S-VYASA campus multiple times to map the available halls and rooms to the various competitions and activities.

Transportation was planned for all the 2500 students, 300+ volunteers and jury members coming from across Bangalore urban and rural districts.

On the day of the event, volunteers were assigned to various departments such as registration, security, first aid, helpdesk, stage activities, guest logistics, breakfast and lunch serving, student navigation, drinking water arrangements, return gift management etc.

Abhyudaya Aarohana Preparation 2022
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