Velokofi is a team of cycling enthusiasts. As a part of their Health and Fitness campaign, the core team rented the cycles for the underprivileged students of Abhyudaya and participated in a 12-km cycle ride along with them. Team Velokofi arranged snacks and fruits for all the participants.

Ravi Sunderrajan, Managing Director of Zacco, spoke about the Happy Miles program and its objectives. He elaborated on how the initiative to support children’s education originated within a cycling group, culminating in the concept of converting cycling miles into monetary contributions by applying a multiplier factor.

The idea involved cyclists committing to donate a certain amount, starting from Rs 2/- per kilometer ridden during special, milestone, or regular rides, to aid in funding children’s education. The proposal resonated with the cycling community, prompting them to readily embrace and participate in the initiative. Subsequently, the concept garnered support from other sporting groups, including cricket teams, who recognized the significance of the cause.

Presently, under the Happy Miles program, cyclists have successfully provided school book kits to over 100 students and sponsored fees for several students. This tangible impact underscores the program’s efficacy in channeling collective efforts towards supporting education for underprivileged children

Mohan Subramanyam, Head of Bangalore Randonneurs, discussed the reasons and timing behind his initiation into cycling, as well as the numerous benefits it offers for both children and adults. He highlighted the growth of the Bangalore cycling community over the years, evolving into a close-knit family that provides support during rides and engages in various social welfare activities.

Mohan underscored the importance of encouraging students to incorporate cycling into their daily routines, whether it be commuting to school, attending tuition classes, heading to the playground, or simply enjoying recreational rides. He also emphasized the advantages of networking within cycling groups, facilitating connections with fellow cyclists and fostering a sense of camaraderie.

Furthermore, Mohan emphasized the environmental benefits of cycling, emphasizing how adopting cycling as a mode of transportation contributes to the preservation of the environment by reducing carbon emissions.

Sunil Gopalachari, Vidya Prasanna Kambalur and Subbaramu Gundu Rao  ( Software Engineers and Senior cyclists) engaged with students to impart essential aspects of safety while cycling, riding, and driving. The emphasis was placed on the importance of helmets while cycling and riding two-wheelers. They discussed various safety measures, including determining priority on the road between smaller and larger vehicles, appropriate actions to take when encountering obstacles while riding, and the precedence of pedestrians, cyclists, or cars.

The children were captivated by this interactive discussion as Vidya Prasanna and Subbaramu effectively role-played scenarios and posed questions to each other and the students.

Velokofi Happy Miles Cycling Event on 24th Mar 2024
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